Sage.png The Pathfinder Society?

Yes, yes, of course. Well, if you are going to be hanging your hat in Glorian for a bit, you could do worse than associate with the Pathfinder Society.
Um, well, they are a globe-spanning historical, archeological, and… eh… Treasure-hunting organization. They have a worldwide support network, and they are headquartered right here in Absalom.
Oh, and they publish these little Ten-Penny Dreadfuls called The Pathfinder Chronicles. When Pathfinders return from their adventures, the Society requires them to record their activities, and those deemed sufficiently interesting are published for the enlightenment of the masses … and the Profit of the Society. Many more stories go unpublished, their secrets deemed too dangerous for public consumption.
Let me see, I think have some of these Chronicles around here somewhere…

Amazing Pathfinder Society Adventures

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