The Circle of Vissk-Thar

The Emerald Spire SuperDungeon

Level 8

For centuries, Levels 7 and 8 of the Emerald Spire dungeons have been in the hands of serpentfolk priests and mages who made their way to the Spire through passages linking the dungeons to the surrounding Darklands. This secret stronghold is known as Vissk-Thar in the serpentfolk dialect, and over the years it has been home to arcane scholars studying the
strange powers of the Spire and priests tending the holy shrines of Ydersius. Although the upper shrine fell out of use over the years, the lower level of the complex has remained inhabited.
In recent years, the high priest of Ydersius—a clever old cleric named Ziszkaa—experimented with a breeding program in which the Spire’s energies were to be infused into the next generation of the Circle. Placing eggs around the Spire, Ziszkaa hoped that this power might lead his clan to greatness, conquering the levels above and challenging Nhur Athemon below.

Featuring Angus Morghul

The Circle of Vissk-Thar

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