Amazing Pathfinder Society Adventures

Angus Morghul and the Assault on the Wound
PaizonCon 2014

Angus leads the Taldoran Cavalry to one devastating victory after another in an epic campaign to destroy the leader of the demonic advance!

Angus Morghul in Among The Living

7-07 Among the Living
Angus finds himself the senior pathfinder on an expedition to Oparra to visit the Opera and find out what happened to a missing Pathfinder researcher. It turns out the Theatre Company is composed of members of the cult of Zythus, the god of accidental murders. The evening’s performance is culminated by a devastating zombie attack. Angus is able to wade through the undead with relatively little trouble, and eventually takes out the Big Bad with a single devastating blow from “Terminus Est”, his greatsword Sacred Weapon.


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